Tips for buying a comfortable bedroom slippers

Tips for buying  slipper:

1. Look at the material; market slippers material, there are sheepskin, cowhide, synthetic leather, plastic, rubber, gauze cloth and several other kinds. Leather Slippers, which can absorb sweat, heat insulation and comfort, more suitable for summer and other hot weather wear. Synthetic leather would be less good than leather slippers, but cheaper. Plastic slippers are lighter and cheaper, but they do not absorb sweat and are not breathable. Specific selection of which material to use according to the needs of selection.

2. Check for odors; when checking the quality of a slipper, sniff it. If the shoe has a pungent smell on it, it is most likely caused by chemicals and can not be purchased. Good quality slippers often do not have a pungent odor or a pungent smell.

3. Look at the size; we do not buy too tight shoes, will affect the comfort. If it is pointed slippers, the big toe should be left with a 1 cm margin; if the purchase of thick-soled lace-up slippers should choose slightly larger, otherwise wearing too tight will have the feeling of binding.